baggage and drama.

We all have it. Baggage. You've been left with it from your last relationship. you're holding onto it and just cannot let it go.

Tough shit. Let it go. Because you'll never get anywhere holding onto past relationships. I get it, I've been there. It took me a year to get over my relationship with D, and even after that rocky year, it took time before we were able to get where are now (friends).

In my most recent dating experience, as referenced in an earlier post, dude has major baggage. It came out early on and from there we (I) have decided we'll just be friends. Which is great. But now as friends I get to actually hear about this drama. Holy. Shit! Bitches be crazy! I get that I'm not "in it" but pro tip: either don't let the chick you're trying to bone into such drama OR don't have it. Wipe your hands clean. Move on. She clearly has, and you have to, too. And honestly, dating/sleeping with someone immediately may not be the BEST way to handle it. At least for me, it isn't.

And maybe it's because I've been emotionally unattached for so long (two years), but I don't have pity anymore. I feel bad, and I'm sorry that people have to deal with this but I'm more along the lines of "OK, it's over. It's over. I'll be sad for a while and do what I have to do, but it's done". Again, the next time I get dumped on my ass, I bet I have a different opinion.

The moral of the story is that I wish I would have been completely oblivious to this baggage and drama because then I wouldn't have been friend-zoned. And once you're there... you never come out.



I want to live in a loft in St. Paul.
With exposed brick. And a cute coffee maker. And my cats.
With Mears Park outside of my windows. And be a regular at the wine bar.
I will walk to work via skyway.
I'll go for runs along the river. And hang out at the coffee shop.
And it will be so perfect.


dating sucks, in a funk and other things.

not to say I've been dating, but I did have a couple dates with a boy man and being the smart and internet sleathly girl I am, it didn't take me long to put a few things together and realize mister mister just got out of a relationship (I seriously didn't do any super intense internet stalking, it was very easy).

I would only come to find through conversation that not only was it quite a fresh break up, and he reassured me I wasn't a rebound, but that he was really, really messed up from this chick. Him and I have continued a friendship and  I've been a sounding board for him to vent. I also want to kick this girl's ass. She's the bitch that makes these dudes so fucked up! I could beat her up, if I had the chance and the right shoes on.

Before I found out how crazy she is, and I (shameful admission here) spent my time "researching" her, I had a full-on mini meltdown. She is SO CUTE. She's this cute little hipster girl that rides a bike and doesn't eat animals. She's gorgeous and creative. And I think, WTF is dude doing being interested in ME? Girl is fucking cute as hell and I'm just, blah. And at that moment I realized I wasn't ready to date, let alone be in a relationship. I'm not normally the girl to intensely compare myself to girlfriends prior, especially so early on in something so undefined.

but, I digress. And dating sucks. maybe it's the holidays, and the weather, and those extra 5 15 pounds that have found their way around my mid-section. I have no desire or motiviation and I'd rather just hang out with my friends. This does lead into said "funk". Just not really feeling into doing things.

this month has been madness. absolutely crazy. using the next two weekends to screw my head back on, reconnect and focus on upcoming month. and it's cold. i hate this! i want to move to California. Sunshine and warmth.


something's missing.

I'm dizzy from the shopping malls
I searched for joy, but I bought it all
It doesn't help the hunger pains
and a thirst I'd have to drown first to ever satiate

Something's missing
And I don't know how to fix it



My first "real" boyfriend, the high school sweetheart, has been married for over a year. We broke up YEARS ago, when I was 19. So that wasn't a big deal.

I was facebook stalking browsing the internet last night and stumbled across this guy I used to date, B. His photo was a wedding picture. I couldn't believe it. Not because I wanted to marry him because frankly, I didn't. He's 10 years older than I am and I was young (21) and it never would have worked. Per my further investigation, they got married in November. She's a beauty.

While I was researching, I thought I'd check in with good old CH. The one that could never commit, the one that inspired so many posts. He's been MIA since our dinner date in October. There's always a reason. In a relationship. The one that couldn't commit. They can commit, just not to you. 

It's just weird I guess. I'm in the mood for angry music and magically losing 75 lbs to be a heartbreaker bombshell.

And is it bad that a little part of me hopes when I have a boyfriend, that a guy I used to date has the same "WTF" moment? It is. I'm awful. And will live forever with my cats.



I spoke too soon.

I don't know what I did to warrant it, maybe I'm completely and totally off base. To be honest, this is what I hope is true.

Five dates, countless emails and hours spent on the phone and I'm left analyzing why I was cancelled on twice and he is conveniently booked for the next 10 days. I didn't do anything outlandish on our last date, I don't think. If he isn't interested anymore, fine. But tell me. The worst thing a guy can do is leave you to wonder. He can sugar coat it. He can tell me that he isn't interested and just leave it at that. I'm a big girl and I can handle so much more than someone saying they've lost interest.

So I am left to wonder. What's wrong with me? Between him, Corey, Nathan (who completely vanished after three months of frequent dating)... it's all a whole bunch of nothing. And I knowwwww it's not me, it's him. But it's always them. So is it really me? Obviously it is. And I know that if it isn't there for them, it's just not there. I get it, I do. Let's just communicate.
As I go on in the dating world, I learn more. I was probably too forward, too soon. I started to let my guard down. I just feel so misled. I wasn't even looking for anything in the first place.

The good news is, I've lost nothing but a few weeks and I've learned more about myself.


the one where I think I'm kind of dating someone?

I wasn't expecting this, and isn't that when it happens? Anyhow, I had logged into my stupid free online dating profile at OKCupid.com to delete it (I never used it, and kept getting dumb messages, and had no desire to date, so I was done with it). Well, when I logged in, a new match popped up. I was intrigued right away by the bio saying he was 6'4". I continued on and was genuinely interested and impressed. I was almost a bottle a few glasses of wine in and wrote a very well crafted and witty message. Much to my surprise, I received an equally well written and witty response the next day. These long and well written messages continued for four days when we exchanged phone numbers. One thing led to another and we've had three dates in the past week. Since I have a bad memory, I want to write them down so I have the memories for down the line (or so pessimist Leah can burn them after I get dumped in two months).

All I know is this: he's tall, cute, funny, doesn't try to hard, I can be myself, great kisser, smart and open.

& I'm excited. But not too excited, because again pessimist Leah just thinks this has to be a joke, right? I mean, he likes me? And he tells me that? He likes me, when I feel like I'm at my worst (meaning, I wasn't even ready to date!).

I'll just enjoy this, go slow and have fun. :)


Nevermind I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you
Don't forget me, I beg. I remember you said, sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.

Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?
Nevermind I'll find someone like you.


If only you would stay gone, maybe I could move on.

Sweet like a kiss sharp like a razor blade
I find you when I' m close to the bottom
You can't appreciate the time it takes
To kick a love I always knew was kind of wrong
And as I'm putting out the flame
Somebody brings up your name

Baby baby baby bring me down
I want to be right where you are
Baby baby baby bring me down
You can look me in the eye and break my heart
image from weheartit.com



lessons learned

Life is a one big learning experience.

Personally, I make mistakes, I get back up, and remember not to make them again. I've learned a lot in my almost 24 years here. Recently, I've had some huge lessons slap me in the face.

First of all, I will not compromise myself, ever again. I compromised my lifestyle, my wants, my desires, to move in with my then best friend. I got rid of my cats. I changed my lifestyle and I regret it. I regret every single second that I have lived with her. I won't compromise myself again. Not for a friend, not for a relationship.

Second, I will never, ever, do something that legally ties me to someone else. I.e. cosign a loan, sign a lease. Both of which have come back to bite me in the ass. Hard. I'm suffering the reprecussions of both of the things, and to say it upsetting is an understatement.

The good news is that I will soon be on my way back to my own apartment, with my beloved cats. I am very much looking forward to this. And this is good. :)


this song.

so go on baby
make your little getaway
my pride will keep me company
and you just gave yours all away

I hate you.

Harsh words, I know.

I hate you. I do. It's almost like 10 things I hate about you. And I could list the things I hate about you. But mostly I hate the disconnect of your words. Is that a phrase? It is now. Last week, we were talking about spending a weekend together, and now I haven't heard from you? I know you've been out of town for work M - F, but you were home over the weekend. And you can't make time to spend 30 minutes with me? And then songs come on my iPod that you downloaded, and I have to skip them. Obviously I skip them. I can't listen to them. Because I miss you. I want to see you. I want to kiss your face and laugh with you. But if you won't make time to see me, I won't make time to like you. The opposite of liking you is hating you. So, I hate you.


Dating Hiatus

My posts about my own dating trials and tribulations have been lacking as of late. I have taken an impromptu dating hiatus. It isn't really on purpose, more just because I haven't been actively dating. I have so much other stuff going on right now, it is kind of the least of my worries. I have had a few dates but nothing exciting happened, oddly enough.

So, until I'm out and about on the dating scene, check out the old posts here.



30% boyfriend

This morning I came to the conclusion that I'd like a 30% boyfriend. What is a 30% boyfriend, you ask? It's basically a part-time boyfriend. A little less than part-time, really. The reason is this: I don't think I'm "ready" for a full on relationship. It scares me a little bit. I'm not ready to give up my single girl life in exchange for being someone's girlfriend.

You see, my life is pretty good. I have a good job, I like my apartment and my roommate and  I are civil. I have a great group of friends. In fact, I have a few different groups of friends. I like to be social and usually go out 2 -3 nights a week. The other nights, if I'm around, I like to do my own thing (see: Secret Single Behavior).

Many of my friends, actually most of my friends, are in serious relationships or are *gasp* married. I'm slowing but surely losing out on my single wingwomen. So, there are times when I think, well I'd really like to do this, but I wish I had a boyfriend to do this with me (ex: rent a canoe and go around the lake, rent bikes and go biking, go to the movies on a rainy day, go camping, watch outdoor movies)! I usually stop myself half way through the statement and kick myself a little bit. Yes, I can do those things with my single lady friends - and I do! - but wouldn't it be fun to do it with a cute boy that likes to flirt with me?!?!

Back to the point. If I just had a special man friend, my 30% BF, I could call him when I want to do something spur of the moment. My 30% BF & I are friends and we like hanging out. We'll go out to dinner and laugh and maybe even cuddle over night and have a sleepover every now and then. Note: He is not a friends with benefit type of guy, because in that situation someone ends up hurt.  He is pretty cute, but not a smokin' hottie. Because they have egos. But he's nice, too. And a great kisser. But, I digress.

Whenever I talk about dating with people more wise than I am - older coworkers and friends, my grandma, etc - I get the same thing.

"You're so young!"
"You're going to change so much and be so different when you're 28/29/30"
"Stay single! Live it up!"

And this freaks me out. So, if I don't get into a SERIOUS real relationship but rather have my 30% boyfriend until I'm done growing up, then when I'm really ready, I will be all set and ready to rock the relationship!

And sometimes, a girl just wants a hot make out session with someone she knows doesn't have horribly ill intentions that isn't a stranger.

disclaimer: I've done a lot of dating as of late and I have not, in fact, had a "30% boyfriend". Although it sounds like an ideal situation, it probably doesn't exist. It's probably a little bit selfish on my part. I'm not currently accepting applications for said less-than-part-time-boyfriend.  I do also realize that in any healthy relationship, I won't jump into it and be 100% in after a week. A healthy dating situation would result in slowly moving into something more serious.


People do that?

Disclaimer: This story was told to me by a good friend of mine. We were sharing our online dating horror stories, and this was her most recent, uh, bad one. This is how I recall the story. It was WAY better when she shared it. I may not have every detail down but the main point of the story is there.  Also: there is an actual shirtless male photo in this blog. If this makes you uncomfortable, click here. 

The Story.

My friend has been on a certain online dating site that shall remain nameless match.com for a few months. She had exchanged a few messages with this guy, and then they moved to exchanging phone numbers. They had tried to arrange a time to talk on the phone, but their schedules just weren't matching up. The man had texted her and asked if she was interested in him sending her a photo. She explained that she told him that she had seen his photos on his profile, so she was okay and didn't need any pictures from him. She also shared that her phone was dying but she would try to call him later that night. 

He proceeded to send her a picture of himself. This was a "normal" self-photo, the kind where you hold the camera (or cell phone) with both hands in front of you and snap the picture. Her phone subsequently died and she did not respond to the message, but when she powered her phone back up a few hours later she was surprised to see another picture message from said man.  

The second photo has a lot going on. I have blocked off the face but please, note a couple of things in the photo... 

1. The hand gesture
2. The jeans, two buttons undone

Enter, break for laughter. 

Now, upon receipt of this photo, my friend shared with me that she wasn't quite sure what to do but she most definitely knew she had no desire to a) talk on the phone with this guy or b) go on a date with this guy. He also had sent another text saying that he hoped he didn't offend her. Shortly after this, he CALLED her, to which she ignored, and he left a voice mail. The next morning he texted her again saying that he hoped he hadn't offended her, she was a beautiful woman and, I quote, she "needed a man like him". She did delete his number and hasn't heard from him since the incident but my question is, really? People do this? 

I didn't know that sending unsolicited self-taken shirtless mirror pics was a thing. All I know is that I seriously question any man that lacks the better judgement skills of not only TAKING the mirror shot, but also sending it to a complete stranger. Little did he know, the woman who "needs a man like him" happens to have friends who think it is a hilarious story and has no problem sharing it with the interwebs. Hey, there is a reason he's single, and I'm sure this is just one of them. 

Best of luck to this man and any lucky lady from match.com that gets to date him. 


Why I Won't Hook Up With You

So if you want me, I don't come cheap.
Keep my hand in your hand
& your heart on your sleeve.

It has taken me a while to get to a place where I am today. Where I can confidently say, no, I won't hook up with you. Because, to be honest, in the past I haven't been strong enough. I equated sex with love. I thought if I gave it up, I'd get a relationship. It took tears, heartbreak and years to find out otherwise. So I have this to say.

Dear every man that has tried to hook up with me:

I won't do it.
I won't hook up with you.
I'm better than that.
I don't WANT that.
I don't want to feel used and abused.
I want to be loved.
Not taken advantage of.
I don't know where you get off thinking that I don't want anything more than a hot night of sex.
Am I not worthy?
I hope that the man who I end up in a relationship with will respect me for the simple reason that I do not hook up.


without you.

this life
this love
that you and I've been building up so high
It’s never gonna touch the sky
without you


oh, hey.

summer. is. finally. here. I think? Supposed to be 90 degrees or something today. This is amazing, actually.

things that are happening soon:

::bachelorette party this weekend. my very first one. ya know, the big hoo-rah party, with penis straws and such. we're going to grand casino hinckley. staying overnight. 25 women. whoa. oh and i'm planning it. and none of the restaurants in the casino take reservations.

::wedding showers. parties.

::gym. yoga. walks.


::tracy's wedding on June 3rd.

::babysitting tracy's baby 14 month old for 3 days (insert tiny panic attack. whatifhedoesntlikeme).

::amanda's wedding & solo road trip to Madison.

::finishing up classes. oh yeah & about that. I suck at college. I cannot focus on literature.

backstreet boys + new kids on the block concert {NKOTBSB}
britney spears + nicki minaj
my 24th birthday
the beach

::dating? haha. right. no. non-existent.

::& i'm kind of having a quarterlifecrisis. the kind where you wonder what you're doing with your life. are you doing the right stuff? am i wasting time?


follow-up: after thoughts of dead fish guy & real date #1 with lunch guy from saturday is tonight.

Dead fish guy inspired this post. I liked his profile when I read it, minus the obscene amount of photos of him with dead fish. But, I overlooked that. We met up at an Irish bar just on the edge of downtown Saint Paul.

Let me step back and give a little background of DFG. He is from a town about 30 miles outside of the city. He works in construction. He's a total "guy's guy", from what I could tell. Definitely could fall under the "hick" category.

Now, I am more of the city-girl type, and I have no shame in this. BUT I really liked his profile and I sent HIM a message. After exchanging a few emails we decided to get together. I was going to squeeze him in last weekend, but I didn't. So, fast forward and we grabbed dinner on Tuesday night. This turned into drinks after dinner at a neighboring bar. It was a blast, we had a great time, and great conversation and we really connected. He drove me home and dropped me off. There was no awkward kissing moment, thankfully. Surpringsly, I would say this was the best of the 3 I've been on in the past 5 days!

But now it's 5pm the next day I haven't heard from him. So now I am kind of overthinking it - was I too sassy? I was pretty dressy for a Tuesday in a dress, tights and heels but I came right from work! He, on the other hand, was wearing carpenter jeans & work boots.

I asked my good friend Ben and he said that contacting someone after a date in under 24 hours seems desperate and over 48 hours, he is not interested. SO, the two day rule? I think it's dumb, but whatevs.

Tonight I am going to the Science Museum of MN for their first Social Science event. It's a 21+ event featuring alcoholic beverages and appetizers along with things like human pictionary and photo booth. Fun?

I'm nervous, he is a very nice and sweet guy and we had good conversation. He also likes good beer (i.e. not Bud Light) but kind is of awkward. On a side note, I think he has a tick. He kind of scratches his head whenever he gets nervous. And I think he might be a virgin. We had a very awkward hug after lunch. The good news is that he is definitely over 6' so I can wear heels tonight with my jeans. I've let my Twitter friends know to pretend I don't exist as the *last* thing I need is for him to find my Twitter account... and this blog.

Until next time.



The one with the dating posts.

I've decided to compile a blog post with all of my past blogs that are about dating experiences, good or bad. Some are emo, some are silly. Some are personal, others aren't as personal.  

friendly PSA for guys that are online dating, March 2011 - Since I've decided to re-embark (is that a word?) in online dating, I've notice so many things wrong with guys' profiles... Yikes.

options for single girls these days, october 2010 - I briefly talk about some experiences I've had that prove to me that the more you date, the more open-minded you have to be.

secret single behavior, september 2010 - This is one of my favorite posts. We all have SSB's, I highlight my personal favorites of my own.

my stupid mouth, september 2010 - I think with dating, you ALWAYS learn something about yourself. I learned, and continue to learn, that my mouth usually gets me in trouble.

the open letter to Corey, september 2010 - Corey is one that *still* tugs at my heart strings... (he's officially out of my life)... but I opened my heart and wrote a letter I know he'd never read or see. PS: why would I even want to be with someone that does these things?

learning through others, september 2010 - One of my good friends was actively dating and I got to hear a lot about her experiences. I highlight a specific situation.

apparently I'm not long term relationship material, september 2010 - haha, I have to laugh at myself. I was bummed out that all of these dates continued to just end after that, a couple dates. I like the photos I found.

don't let me go, august 2010 - Ouch. Other CH post. What a mess. (Kind of emo post)

once a cheater, always a cheater? august 2010 - Should you be honest about your past? Do you want a potential significant other to tell you the truth, even if it's brutal?

"since you're over me now, can we be friends?" august 2010 - Can you be friends with an ex? (note, emo mentions of CH again. Ugh!)

note to self, july 2010 - Ah yes. He's just NOT that into you.

das boot, june 2010 - the one where I explain the "cycle of Corey". *sigh* See - I understood it. I just didn't ACT on it.

the trouble with dating... june 2010 - I have no patience and I hate waiting for things. This is why I have trouble dating. (author's note, I have changed this habit immensely. I have pushed dating to the back burner, therefore I don't sit and wonder what is going on. I figure if someone actually wants to go out, they'll do it. Progress, Leah!)

success! june 2010 - recap of a date. (note: although nothing romantically happened with this guy, we are still friends and grab drinks now and then. Nice guy, that R2P.)




3 dates in one weekend?

Confession: I enjoy dating.

I'm always up for being set up. I have a profile on a couple different online sites. I live my life just like normal but if someone offers to set me up with someone, I'm all in. If anything, I either get a great story out of it or a new friend. It is always fun. I'm very social and I love meeting new people.

That said, as of late I've kicked up my online dating. I've had a few trusted friends read my profile and offer advice. I updated photos, edited my profile and took some initiative to send some messages.

I've got three (3) prospects at the moment and hope to get an initial meeting set up soon.

I don't get nervous until about 30 minutes before we meet. It's at the moment I'm getting ready to leave my apartment that I question what in the HELL I am doing. Going to meet a stranger with hopes they LIKE me, or something? That's when I call or text my best friend and she gives me a confidence boost and pushes me to go.

So, the prospects.

I've exchanged quite a few emails with "the fish guy" (inspiration for the last post). Even with his half-assed grammar and photos with 40 dead fish, I'm still going to meet him. Why? I have nothing to lose. He seems genuine and hard working, he's tall and cute. I have to call him tonight to set something up for Saturday. I'm thinking mid-day coffee. Although, something about the dead fish doesn't scream "coffee guy" to me. Maybe we'll go to Applebee's.

We've got an actor/comedian turned corporate guy. That sounds fun. I'm curious about how someone majors in theater in college then works in the corporate world. He has challenged me  to a hair competition. He said in a message that it seems like I have nice hair (LOL) and he's always been told HE has great hair. It's not long or anything, just normal, short McDreamy-ish hair. I have to say, I do have great hair. Only because of my salon and the amazing products I use. I'm positive I'll win. But I digress.

Finally, we've got the suburban living, Minnesota Twins-loving IT guy. I've only exchanged 2 emails with him but he seems like he has it together. He's got a big boy job and a house, and is right in my ideal age range at 25. I was drawn to his profile because of the MN Twins hat he was wearing. I clearly said that in the message (because I'm taking initiative). *Update: we've exchanged a few more emails I'm not impressed with the grammar... ex: "I haven't been to a Wild game yet neither". Also he gave me his cell number and said to text him. I also won't do this because that sets things up to be weird, and it is a whole other post... "why you shouldn't text someone before you meet them".

I've decided to try to squeeze all three in this weekend because, well, why not. I have nothing to lose.

I've got a busy weekend ahead, because in addition to this, I'm going with a couple friends to the Minnesota Beard Off at the Turf Club in St. Paul.

Until next time!



A friendly PSA to guys that are dating online.

It seems like it SHOULD be common sense but lately I've been seeing these things far too often. I feel as though guys need to read and sign a document stating they've read basic tips for creating an online dating profile. 

I've had my fair share of online dating experiences. I feel like it would be quite rude to send someone a message telling them what is wrong with their profile. So, I'll do it here. I speak from experience with every one of these situations. Sad, I know.

Here are my two cents to guys that are online dating. 

1. Iwanturpanties just sent you a message!

Pick a decent user name. That is an example of a real user name of a message sender in my inbox. I'm not even going to open the message. Go with something simple. Your first name, last initial and a number. Stay away from anything dumb like "BigFun4U" (also a real user name I've seen).

2. Take the chick out of your pic

There should not be another girl in your profile picture. I don't care if it's your sister or your cousin, we don't know this. Seeing you with a woman is unattractive and naturally, as women, we'll be curious. It isn't that hard to crop the photo so it's just you. In fact, ask the nice lady in your photo because she'll probably know how to do it. 
I recently saw a photo and the guy didn't even bother with cropping. Instead, the woman's face was literally blacked out with a marker before the photo was scanned (who scans photos anymore?).

Try to limit the animal photos. Unless you moonlight as a black lab, I don't need to see the pic of your dog. Okay, you like to fish and you caught 60 fish, but we don't need 3 photos of you with the fish. A photo of you with a bloody deer? Kind of gross. Save that picture for your guy friends and show us a picture of you without a carcass.

I'm a real catch!
So, what photos can you use?  A face shot where you're smiling would be ideal. Have more than 1 photo. There has to be a good RECENT photo of you out there somewhere.

3. "Your very pretty!"

Make sure that you're using correct grammar.  Know the difference between your and you're. Capitalize words. Tonight I saw a guy that looked like a normal guy but his entire "In Your Own Words" section was lowercase and using slang. In fact, here's an excerpt from someone that showed up as one of my "top matches"... 
"heyo im a real cool guy. i love hanging out and fishing. i have a job and a car and i am a student in business and marketing."
This is not someone that appears as though their first language is not English, so I don't cut slack for that reason. If writing isn't your strength, then maybe online dating isn't for you.

I don't think I'm being too picky when I say I want to date a man that can spell and form a sentence. 

4. Steer clear of the obvious

So now that you've got a solid user name, a basic photo and you can use your words in a positive way, what do you write about? As a woman, I want to know a few things from your profile. Keep it short and sweet, but not TOO short. Personally, I think 2-3 paragraphs is good. Women have a longer attention span and focus more on the words than men do, so this advice would be different for women. I don't mind actually reading a profile. First and foremost, don't lie. Just be honest.
DO: Tell me what you like about where you live. Especially in the Twin Cities, there are so many unique neighborhoods and it can tell a lot about you. If you're passionate about Uptown, you're probably a hipster. If you spend all your time in Dinkytown, I bet you're in college. Crocus Hill kind of guy? You're clearly classy. 

Talk about what goals you have. Are you an athlete? What are you favorite sports to play? Are you training for a marathon? Mention that. What are you looking for? I don't mean saying you want a hot blonde with blue eyes. I mean, are you looking for a serious relationship or casual dating? I know it may hard to actually think about what you want but if you're online, there's a REASON, right? What do you hope to get out if it?

DON'T: Talk about how busy you are. Everyone is BUSY, this is obvious. If you're looking to date then you don't want to say that your free time is consumed by grad school and 4 rec softball leagues. Chances are, we'll think you don't have time for us.

5. The message

If you've found someone that gets you jazzed up, send her a message. Don't be intimidated. What do you have to lose? Keep the message short and sweet. Comment on something in her profile. Don't send a standard message to every single person but personalize it a little. Ask a couple of questions that will warrant a response.

I hope that my friendly public service announcement helps you or someone you know with their problems with online dating. As a young, single woman that is actively online dating, I'd like more men to know some basics things to do and some things to stay away from when creating their profile. It will make it easier and less painful for all of us. 


the kind of love i want

I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love.

I want a real love. I am a hopeless romantic & I want more. I want it all. I want that rush, high, happiness that comes from being loved. I want the giggles, the laughs, the goofiness. I want...

to be inspired.
to be happy.
to be loved.

I want this. I will get this. I won't settle.