the one where I think I'm kind of dating someone?

I wasn't expecting this, and isn't that when it happens? Anyhow, I had logged into my stupid free online dating profile at OKCupid.com to delete it (I never used it, and kept getting dumb messages, and had no desire to date, so I was done with it). Well, when I logged in, a new match popped up. I was intrigued right away by the bio saying he was 6'4". I continued on and was genuinely interested and impressed. I was almost a bottle a few glasses of wine in and wrote a very well crafted and witty message. Much to my surprise, I received an equally well written and witty response the next day. These long and well written messages continued for four days when we exchanged phone numbers. One thing led to another and we've had three dates in the past week. Since I have a bad memory, I want to write them down so I have the memories for down the line (or so pessimist Leah can burn them after I get dumped in two months).

All I know is this: he's tall, cute, funny, doesn't try to hard, I can be myself, great kisser, smart and open.

& I'm excited. But not too excited, because again pessimist Leah just thinks this has to be a joke, right? I mean, he likes me? And he tells me that? He likes me, when I feel like I'm at my worst (meaning, I wasn't even ready to date!).

I'll just enjoy this, go slow and have fun. :)