Friday, ready for the weekend!

It's finally Friday! It is a lovely day today--I wish I wasn't stuck inside working all day. Then again, it is Pay Day!! So hopefully I will be able to get to target this evening =) David's going to the lake for the weekend, soo I'll be home all alone. At first I thought I'd be insanely bored, but then I was like..sweeeet!! Tonight I am going watch Grey's from last night (since we were at RCIA I didn't get to watch it) and then I will go to Target (the best place in the world) and do some grocery shopping. I have been looking forward to Saturday since the moment I woke up on Monday! Grandma and I are going to a movie and out shopping, and then in the evening some ladies from work are having a purse party..so I may go there. I had planned on doing some crazy cleaning, but then David's coming home Sunday morning...that leaves no time for me to clean...darn....I think I'll pick myself up a Monster (energy drink) after work and that will keep me buzzing up til like 1am, I can get lots of cleaning done! And then I can sleep in tomorrow..oh man, I can't wait! I think that weekends should be 3 days, mandatory, always. Well, that's all for now.


"The rain is falling on my window pane
But we are hiding in a safer place
Under covers staying safe and warm
You give me feelings that I adore"


I love fall!

Ahh, I love the fall weather. It's so beautiful! I can't wait until the leaves fall and they're crunchy on the ground. Sweater weather--my favorite!! I feel like time is just flying, I can't believe it's already the end of September! Mine and David's one year anniversary is coming up...we're celebrating the weekend of the 11th of October. That is exciting for me...one year...geesh! Doesn't seem like that long, but a lot has happened in the past year, and I only look forward to more years and years. David is probably going out of town this weekend to the lake, and I am going to stay home. I have too much stuff to do around the apartment to be away...plus I want to hang out with granny, help her recover from her surgery she had. She's doing well, which is awesome, I am so happy that it went well. Well...almost lunch time..Chicken dumpling soup for lunch today...yumm..should help with my sore throat =(


"Well, it's a marvelous night for a Moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes"


First Blog Post

Well, it's my first 'blog' post. I don't know really know why I decided to do this..but hey, let's give it a shot! So school is back in full swing...I like my two classes, although photography is a lot harder than I thought it would be. It's so technical that taking photos isn't even fun. I did get a new digital cam for my birthday from David's parents and it's reallly nice! I am excited to take a bunch of pictures on it...I already have taken a lot of pics of the cats...I really like my online class, it makes actually going to class kind of lame. I can do my homework in my pj's and at any time of the night or at work on lunch....So I think I'll try to take more online classes next semester. Work is going well, I like my job and it's really nice to have the evenings and weekends off....If I had my way I would have earlier hours because by the time I get home it's already almost 6pm...and if it's Monday I don't get home until after 9pm. Hmm, well I probably should get back to work now...it's kind of slow today, although I do have a pile of work to do. Plus we've got a client visit this afternoon-Wachovia Bank, so I need to look like I'm working =)


"Life can show no mercy
It can tear your soul apart
It can make you feel like you've gone crazy
But you're not"
-michael buble, 'lost'