I talked about my date with R2P in my last post and just an update: It was successful! We had a couple drinks and chatted for a bit. He's nice guy and we have a lot in common. And he told me he'd like to go out with me again. We exchanged a couple text messages over the weekend and he says he'll be taking me out again - he's out of town for work and then out of town this weekend! So that is exciting. Anddd as much as I want to scream because I am so excited, I am just going to be *normal* which is.. rare for me!

So here goes nothing... going to just relax, focus on my hectic life and be excited for another date!

PS: Day #4 for me of vegetarian diet. So far so good. I did cave and have a few bites of some calico beans my co-worker brought today but I requested her to bring them! But that is fine! Also - no soda since last week! Woop!

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