Unneccesary Stress

I take everyone else stress to be my own. That is my problem. I am so concerned with everyone else being happy and satisfied that I forget my own life and try to fix everyone and everything else. SO, that's what I will be working on. Hmm..nothing really to blog about. How about this weather?! I hate it. It sucks. I also hate school. School sucks. I hate these stupid classes and Jazz History will be my death. Call me negative Nancy...I have been sick for like 3 days..I am starting to feel better but I am sure that the Chipotle I am allowing myself to have tonight will make me feel better.



Happy 2008! (A little belated!)

Here's a belated Happy New Year! I am hoping for a great year in 2008. I can't imagine it'd be a bad year, but ya never know. My semester ended well, a B in both classes! My classes start next week, but this time they're all online. I'm taking Ethics, Jazz History and Nutrition. Sounds exciting, right? I just can't wait until I can take my classes for my major. Those classes will be like, "Communicating Between Genders", "Marketing 101"...Ahh, I love those ones!!

I've gotten assigned a few different projects at work so I'm kind of busy!

OH By the way, my roomie is doing the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, if anyone is interested in donating, let me know, I can give you her website for it.