Secret Single Behavior

After this post, my secret single behavior (SSB) will no longer be so secret!

Secret Single Behavior is behavior in which your significant other is aware of. Generally, you would not want your significant other (SO) becoming aware of SSB for fear of a) judgement b) jealousy c) being dumped.

Now, I've been single for quite some time and have built up my own little hodge podge of SSB's. I don't think I'd share my SSB with my SO until I'm married. That way, they're (legally) stuck. I'd hope that my SO will have his own SSB's that we can do in our respective parts of our home.

So here comes a list of my favorite SSB's, in no particular order {I want to share that I can no longer do a lot of these SSB's, since my 18 year old brother currently lives with me. But oh, I am waiting for the day he moves out} :
Leah's (not so) Secret Single Behaviors
*Stripping down to undies and a tank top, blasting Taylor Swift & doing the dishes
*Same as above, less T. Swift & dishes, plus trashy TV.
*Sleeping for most of the day on the weekend if I don't have homework or major plans
*Reading wedding photographer blogs and looking at all the beautiful photos
*Having a "mental health day" and going to the spa
*Eating an entire sleeve of girl scout cookies
*Talking to and dancing with my cat, Jack
*Shutting my cell phone off and shutting the world out

Do you have any SSB's? What about those in a relationship? If you live with your SO, how do you find time to get in your SSB? 


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