I hate you.

Harsh words, I know.

I hate you. I do. It's almost like 10 things I hate about you. And I could list the things I hate about you. But mostly I hate the disconnect of your words. Is that a phrase? It is now. Last week, we were talking about spending a weekend together, and now I haven't heard from you? I know you've been out of town for work M - F, but you were home over the weekend. And you can't make time to spend 30 minutes with me? And then songs come on my iPod that you downloaded, and I have to skip them. Obviously I skip them. I can't listen to them. Because I miss you. I want to see you. I want to kiss your face and laugh with you. But if you won't make time to see me, I won't make time to like you. The opposite of liking you is hating you. So, I hate you.

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