the options for single girls these days.

I've been on a rollercoaster, of love [cue that corny song here] the past year or so.

I've been doing the single girl thing: dating, being set up, being dumped or told "we're better off as friends". But the one thing I've come to notice lately is as you get older, you get people with more and more baggage. My BFF and I spend a lot of time talking and discussing our lives as single gals. She can't get over the fact all of the potential people she could date have a kid, or sometimes more than 1! Looking at my track record, I haven't had anyone with kids but I've had:

former felon/crackhead
guy that had cancer
guy living with HIV

**FYI, these are all under the age of 30!

Now, I don't discriminate and I pride myself in not judging people. In fact, all of these people had perfect chances with me, it just didn't go too far for whatever reason.

I have recently decided, or rather, it's just so happened that, I am done dating. However, I keep a profile on the free website PlentyOfFish.com. It's more humorous than anything. Getting messages from "BigDaddyPain4U" or "Minnetonka" [both actual usernames] is quite discouraging... and I don't even read the messages. So when I get a normal username, I will read the message.

This guy messaged me, passed the pre-test [height, username, looks, decent profile] so I wrote back to him. Right away he asked to add me to facebook.

Facebook is for friends. I don't know you.

I told him I don't have a facebook [deleted it on Sunday] and so he gave me his number and told me to text him.

I don't want to text you. You don't know me. You don't get to know my number!

I gave him my email address, said let's exchange a couple emails and see if we think we'd get along then we could meet up for a drink or coffee...

He responds and tells me that he's recovering alcoholic. Again, not going to discriminate. The emails just were not flowing and now I can't decide, do I stop responding or just say, well I don't think we'll get along? Besides, he's only 5'11" and since most men lie about their height I'm betting he's 5' 9.75". Or do I just go head and get coffee to rule him out?

Now, I obviously have my fair share of baggage: I've got the brother(s), the whole still in college but also living a real life thing, the fact I'm not 100% ready for a relationship, my own emotional problems,

So it seems as though, the older we get, the less we get to choose from. It's slim pickins' out here.

We'll see. It's fun, but at the end of the day I'd rather be alone than settle for someone.

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Barkeep said...

It's fun reading some of your classic content. You think it's slim pickins now? You ain't seen nothing yet.