Dating Hiatus

My posts about my own dating trials and tribulations have been lacking as of late. I have taken an impromptu dating hiatus. It isn't really on purpose, more just because I haven't been actively dating. I have so much other stuff going on right now, it is kind of the least of my worries. I have had a few dates but nothing exciting happened, oddly enough.

So, until I'm out and about on the dating scene, check out the old posts here.



30% boyfriend

This morning I came to the conclusion that I'd like a 30% boyfriend. What is a 30% boyfriend, you ask? It's basically a part-time boyfriend. A little less than part-time, really. The reason is this: I don't think I'm "ready" for a full on relationship. It scares me a little bit. I'm not ready to give up my single girl life in exchange for being someone's girlfriend.

You see, my life is pretty good. I have a good job, I like my apartment and my roommate and  I are civil. I have a great group of friends. In fact, I have a few different groups of friends. I like to be social and usually go out 2 -3 nights a week. The other nights, if I'm around, I like to do my own thing (see: Secret Single Behavior).

Many of my friends, actually most of my friends, are in serious relationships or are *gasp* married. I'm slowing but surely losing out on my single wingwomen. So, there are times when I think, well I'd really like to do this, but I wish I had a boyfriend to do this with me (ex: rent a canoe and go around the lake, rent bikes and go biking, go to the movies on a rainy day, go camping, watch outdoor movies)! I usually stop myself half way through the statement and kick myself a little bit. Yes, I can do those things with my single lady friends - and I do! - but wouldn't it be fun to do it with a cute boy that likes to flirt with me?!?!

Back to the point. If I just had a special man friend, my 30% BF, I could call him when I want to do something spur of the moment. My 30% BF & I are friends and we like hanging out. We'll go out to dinner and laugh and maybe even cuddle over night and have a sleepover every now and then. Note: He is not a friends with benefit type of guy, because in that situation someone ends up hurt.  He is pretty cute, but not a smokin' hottie. Because they have egos. But he's nice, too. And a great kisser. But, I digress.

Whenever I talk about dating with people more wise than I am - older coworkers and friends, my grandma, etc - I get the same thing.

"You're so young!"
"You're going to change so much and be so different when you're 28/29/30"
"Stay single! Live it up!"

And this freaks me out. So, if I don't get into a SERIOUS real relationship but rather have my 30% boyfriend until I'm done growing up, then when I'm really ready, I will be all set and ready to rock the relationship!

And sometimes, a girl just wants a hot make out session with someone she knows doesn't have horribly ill intentions that isn't a stranger.

disclaimer: I've done a lot of dating as of late and I have not, in fact, had a "30% boyfriend". Although it sounds like an ideal situation, it probably doesn't exist. It's probably a little bit selfish on my part. I'm not currently accepting applications for said less-than-part-time-boyfriend.  I do also realize that in any healthy relationship, I won't jump into it and be 100% in after a week. A healthy dating situation would result in slowly moving into something more serious.