Just when I had you off my head
Your voice comes thrashing wildly through my quiet bed
You say you wanna try again
But I've tried everything but giving in
Why you wanna break my heart again
Why am I gonna let you try
I love you more than songs can say
But I can't keep running after yesterday
So why you wanna break my heart again
Why am I gonna let you try
-john mayer.all we ever do is say goodbye
battle studies



I love my cat, Jack :]


broken <3

David came over last night for our weekly dinner date. He shared with me that he met someone on Saturday night. And he wanted to see where it was going to go. But that he loved me and cared for me and only wanted the best for me. He wants to be in my life blah blah blah...

and it hurts. soo bad. Here I was.. ready.. ready to make it work, to make US work and BAM. Like a ton of bricks. Right to the heart. Hmph. =(



SO I had a meeting with my advisor last night! I'll be done with school in December of 2012.... It seems like a lonngggg time away but I know it's not, and I know it'll fly! I am excited because I'm minoring in sales! I have some credits for electives but decided to pick up a minor. So my major will be Marketing and Management, and my minor is Sales.

My pickle is this:


MBA is a Master's of Business Administration & MAOL is an 'alternative' to the MBA; it is a Master's of Organziational Leadership.....


Well, four years ago I was set on being a social work major.
& now I'm totally NOT that...

so... only time will tell :)




this is me procrastinating studying....

Thanksgiving is coming up and this year, I have *so* much to be thankful for.

On September 22nd, 2009 my 14 year old brother was hit by a truck while riding his bike. He was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital. Seeing him laying the E.R. was the most devistating image in my mind. We knew he'd make it, but would he know who we were? When you're hit by a truck going 30 mph and you're not wearing a helmet, it's a scary thing and it's a possibility you will have severe brain damage. The first few days were the worst. After Logan got out of surgery, before they took out his breathing tubes, he ripped them out himself. He was crying, but couldn't cry... he had tears coming out his eyes.

To this day, I have nightmares about losing my brother. He had an angel with him, that is for sure. We are lucky that we are 7 weeks out and he's out of a cast for his broken leg and into a wheelchair. He is back in school and overall, doing well. He has a little bit of trauma stress, too... especially if anyone talks about it. He doesn't remember anything about it.

My senior year of high school (2005), my brother Justin moved away. He went to live in a boys type home in Milaca, MN. I didn't see him until September of 2005. It was 9 months. I was hysterical. Everytime after that, it got better. But, it's been a long road for him. It's been 4+ years and probably 5 or 6 different treatment facilities but if all is well, he'll be discharged, for good, on Friday...

This Thanksgiving is the first since 2004 that I'll be with my mom and brothers. My brothers are my rocks. I would do anything and give anything for either of them. I love them both with all my heart. I don't know what I would do if I lost either of them. Thankfully, I do not have to think about that. I have two healthy and vibrant brothers to share my life with.


But you're


Burning brighter than the sun

And now that you're close

I feel like coming undone

In the middle of the night

When I'm in this dream

It's like a million little stars

Spelling out your name

You gotta, come on, come on

Say that we'll be together

...litte taste of heaven..