Das Boot

Ah, as delicious as that boot of beer looks (head here to get this bad boy in real life!), this blog is not about beer in a glass the shape of a boot. It's about giving the boot. I gave "the boot" to a certain someone today... {let's call him CH} Now, I've given CH "the boot"  many times, however, with CH it's a vicious circle. A circle that I take full blame for continuing.. and made into a chart. See exhibit A.

Exhibit A (ok I made a chart but I'm not techie enough to get it on here. It's cute - circles and arrows and all)

  1. Spend time with CH

  2. Realize my feelings for CH and become scared because they're not reciprocated or if they are they aren't acted upon.

  3. Tell CH that since he won't "man up" I can't see him anymore

  4. CH says something to the effect of, "his loss" or just change the subject. OR he'll do something sweet like come over or say something nice 

  5. Miss CH so email/call him to tell him that I want to see him again.. then it goes back to the beginning.

 So after yet another weekend of "tentative" plans, I decided that CH needed the boot. I sent an e-mail, it got kind of lengthy, and he (as most men) doesn't respond well to long e-mails so I followed up with a second email. Short and sweet. Unlike him. He's tall. And bitter. Hah! Anyways, second e-mail said something along the lines of, I can't see you anymore. I want a boyfriend and a relationship and that's just not happening here. I'm sure we can still be friends. Don't tell me that it's "your loss", cause we both that it is.
I can't even say how many times we've done this vicious circle since we started dating in March. Probably 5 -6 . How draining. So full of drama, and so unnecessary. Don't get me wrong, CH is actually really great. We get along really well  - from our first date in October, we hit it off. A lot in common (except he loves the suburbs, ick... I'm a city girl!) I'm actually really into him (less the drama) and we do have a great connection. But all of the good things unfortunately don't outweigh the bad. Part of the reason it's so hard to stick with dropping him is just that there's something that continues to draw me back,  He tells me things like "I like you soo much", "you're soo great", "I respect all you do for your family and your brothers" and then says things like "I won't date you cause you say what's on your mind and it makes me nervous", "I won't let us hang out at my house cause I think you'll never leave", "I wish it were 2 years down the road and you were a little older, a little more mature and a little more advanced in your career". So, given all of these things, I decided it was time.
And I'm interpreting his silence as tacit compliance. :)

until next time:

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