People do that?

Disclaimer: This story was told to me by a good friend of mine. We were sharing our online dating horror stories, and this was her most recent, uh, bad one. This is how I recall the story. It was WAY better when she shared it. I may not have every detail down but the main point of the story is there.  Also: there is an actual shirtless male photo in this blog. If this makes you uncomfortable, click here. 

The Story.

My friend has been on a certain online dating site that shall remain nameless match.com for a few months. She had exchanged a few messages with this guy, and then they moved to exchanging phone numbers. They had tried to arrange a time to talk on the phone, but their schedules just weren't matching up. The man had texted her and asked if she was interested in him sending her a photo. She explained that she told him that she had seen his photos on his profile, so she was okay and didn't need any pictures from him. She also shared that her phone was dying but she would try to call him later that night. 

He proceeded to send her a picture of himself. This was a "normal" self-photo, the kind where you hold the camera (or cell phone) with both hands in front of you and snap the picture. Her phone subsequently died and she did not respond to the message, but when she powered her phone back up a few hours later she was surprised to see another picture message from said man.  

The second photo has a lot going on. I have blocked off the face but please, note a couple of things in the photo... 

1. The hand gesture
2. The jeans, two buttons undone

Enter, break for laughter. 

Now, upon receipt of this photo, my friend shared with me that she wasn't quite sure what to do but she most definitely knew she had no desire to a) talk on the phone with this guy or b) go on a date with this guy. He also had sent another text saying that he hoped he didn't offend her. Shortly after this, he CALLED her, to which she ignored, and he left a voice mail. The next morning he texted her again saying that he hoped he hadn't offended her, she was a beautiful woman and, I quote, she "needed a man like him". She did delete his number and hasn't heard from him since the incident but my question is, really? People do this? 

I didn't know that sending unsolicited self-taken shirtless mirror pics was a thing. All I know is that I seriously question any man that lacks the better judgement skills of not only TAKING the mirror shot, but also sending it to a complete stranger. Little did he know, the woman who "needs a man like him" happens to have friends who think it is a hilarious story and has no problem sharing it with the interwebs. Hey, there is a reason he's single, and I'm sure this is just one of them. 

Best of luck to this man and any lucky lady from match.com that gets to date him. 

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