I'll probably die alone.
with my cats.
and career accomplishments.

My nights will be spent working late, going to networking events, then going home to my cat(s). (the most I'll have is two).

I'll try to date, but it will fizzle out.
So I've accepted the fact I'll be alone, forever.

Think of all the vacations I can take, without considering anyone else's opinions.



I'm sorry, I won't be joining you this weekend. I can't go out with you gals tonight. No thanks, I don't need a glass of wine.

New year's eve I enjoyed vodka. A lot of vodka. And I had a blast with one of my best friends at an amazing show and a sleepover on her couch. I spent the majority of Sunday hungover. The final two months of 2011 were spent in a haze of booze and being social.

Drinking is a very social thing, especially for my age group and my friends. Don't get me wrong, my friends are great. They're all upstanding citizens that can handle their booze. I am not saying I cannot handle it, by the way. I handle it just fine. I just don't FEEL well afterwards. For about three days afterwards. I get into a sort of depressive funk. And the only way I feel to combat that funk is enjoy a glass, or four, of wine. I'm not joking. And then the weekend comes around and instead of going out for one drink, I find myself now doing shot, after shot. It's a vicious circle.

And I'm cutting it off. I'm not drinking. And to stop it where it begins, I'm going to attempt to be less social. To be honest, I can't be in a setting where my friends are enjoying a drink while I cannot. So I will say, I cannot join you for happy hour tonight. Wish me luck. Because I have little self control. And I love me some wine.

twenty twelve.

Welcome, 2012. I'm happy to see you.

You see, 2011 was a rough year. The first 8 months seriously tested me. My patience. My strength. It was bad. The latter half was...better. I got out of a bad living situation, came to terms with the loss of a 7 year friendship, and really catapulted myself into my professional career and activities.

I didn't make any new year's resolutions because I think that each day is a new day. If you want to change something, make a decision to do it, don't wait until a new year to do so. I have changes I want to make. I have personal and professional goals I want to achieve. I'm looking forward to going after these, and to getting a balance in my life.