Just another Monday..

I hate Mondays.

I try so hard on the weekend to get up at my normal time so my Monday's won't be so bad. Nope, doesn't happen. I just sleep until ike 10am, and it throws my whole day off. I hate it.

I got a B on my Sociology test! I am pretty proud, even though it's only a B...I have gotten C's on all before. Tonight is class from 6-9...then I am watching the Hills and sleeping. Blah. Tuesdays are better, they're closer to the weekend, but still not Thursday or Friday!

3 Days til move-in day! I am excited =) I have my invites to send out for my housewarming party. I'm not really inviting many people, I don't have a big family...Oh well. It will be a Sunday afternoon thing. I am going to have another one for my friends, but that won't be til December.

I should go...I am busy...I am doing this thing for work called "LOMA" I don't know what it stands for but it's basically teaching myself the "principles of insurance, life health and annuities"...Fun. BUT after I'm done with all I will have a special "certification" and it will look awesome on my resume. Off to study for that, and my photo. quiz tonight. Blah.

Looking forward to: moving, asian noodle bowl for lunch at the caf, class tonight.


Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth

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