Cinnamon Sugar Bagel and Strawberry Cream Cheese

My morning started off amazing--with a cinnamon sugar bagel and strawberry cream cheese....mmmm...I waited 20 minutes for it, they weren't done, so I waited until the next batch was done, which is amazing because then it's fresh and hot from the oven. Hmm, not really much to say, found a roommate-her name's Sara she goes to grad school and works full time right next to my building in downtown. We seem pretty similar-mature and outgoing with a good head on our shoulders. The weekend was nice, I didn't do much, which was even better. On Saturday I spent the morning with Bill and Jacquie and the kids and then went back to David's to clean up my stuff and clear out my closet and stuff, and in the evening went to B&J's. It was good to see the kids again. Sunday was a really nice day--David and I watched the Twin Cities Marathon, looking for Jen but she was running slower than I calculated her at. But still, 12 minutes for a mile...not bad, not bad. I would LOVE to run a marathon....I should probably be able to run on the treadmill for longer than 5 mins without dying...lol. Anyways, I should get back to work....I like being at work, keeps my mind off of everything else.


Cuz when you're Talkin out loud and nobody’s there
you look like hell and ya just don’t care
Drinkin more than ya ever drank
Sinkin down lower than ya ever sank when ya
Find ya self fallin down upon your knees
Prayin to God beggin him please
That’s when she’s more than a memory

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