9 Days...

9 days until Sara and I move into our apartment. Yes, yes...I signed a one year lease! This is a big step for me and it's a little scary. I have been 'on my own' for quite some time but now I guess it's, official. It is going to feel so good to come home to something that is 'my own'. My own room. Designed and decorated by me. I can just see it now-the walls are a really tame pink, not pale but not hot pink. A really nice pink. I don't have a bed right now but I will be getting a bed with a black frame-a black wood frame in particular. I am going to have black side tables and a black dresser-and a desk in my room. I am going to have black shelves on the wall with pink and black candles and the bedspread is white with black and pink stripes. I will have a dark pinkish or purple shag rug on the floor, since the floors are wood I don't want to have cold feet all the time in the winter.

Needless to say, I am excited. I am not really financially ready and November will be horrible on my fianances. I wasn't planning on moving until December. Well, WE weren't planning on it...but we looked at this place, it was perfect. Really cheap, good location (not in a shady/sketchy place) good size..plus Sara's landlord owns it so it worked out really well for her. So, needless to say, I won't be decorating as I'd LIKE until later-not until December...good idea for X-mas gifts =gift cards, gift cards, gift cards!!

Meh, just another Tuesday...I decided to start something where in each blog I say something that I am looking forward to. I have little post it notes on my desk of things I am looking forward to, and I only I know what they mean, and it helps get through the day.

Looking forward to: *Haircut/color on Saturday!
*My PINK room
*The end of the semester with good grades!

Not looking forward to: *Missing my kitties =(
*The holidays...I hate family get togethers. --> In fact, I think this year I will enjoy the holidays alone in my apartment. With Sara's cats. I'll get some Chipotle and spend the dreaded days reading books and enriching my mind. Bah frickin' humbug.
*Photography final...or Soc. final for that. Any tests I will have to take. (You know, I've come to the conclusion that tests are STUPID. Sounds real scientific but here's my reasoning: So, I've been in the 'real world' since May, and I have a good job, at a good company. Do I have to take a 'test' to show what I know? NO. Do I get assigned projects with a deadline, which is really important to get done by that date. YES. In school, I get assigned a project, put it off ALL semester, work on it for a while a couple days before it's due and get an A. Case in point: Intro to Communcations Spring 2007-we were assigned a project in the beginning of the semester. I put it off, worked on it here and there and I worked on it all day the night it was due. I went to class, gave my presentation, got an A from the teacher and won 1st place in the Saint Paul College Liberal Arts Fair. At work, get assigned a project, finish it BEFORE it's due and get praised for it. It is SO much more important to be able to have the skills to get something done when it's due and do a GOOD JOB on it than it is to take a frickin' test....)


Help me remember
The way that we used to be
When nothin' else mattered
'Cause you were lovin' me
Just for the night, one last time
One more good memory
When I look back
That's what I wanna see

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