{to do}

**this is from my secret blog with my girlies, lyss, megs and carrie, but I wanted to share on here!**
I've decided to start a little list, a bucket list, if you will.
Some are long term, others are short term.
& I'll keep adding

See The Lion King on Broadway.
Go to New York (never been)
Spend a lot of time watching Shark Week 2010.

eat more chocolate cake.
eat less meat.
spend more time in the sun [with sunscreen]
Fall crazy in {forever} love with a sweet man.
**But don't just fall in love to fall in love. Real love**
Wear hot pink shoes to my wedding. Or maybe have hot pink fingernails.
Spend less time worrying.
Go to Chicago!
Continue with no pop or coffee (it's been HELL, btw)
Smile. ---> Every. Single. Day.
Go to Marketfest a few times Summer 2010.
Be the best friend I can be to my g.i.r.l.s.
go to California.
Have a wonderful birthday, pedicures and cake included.
Continue to re-mix songs with Ella.
Don't settle.
Save more money.
Buy more shoes.
Go to the cabin.
Finish out my class STRONG.
Meaning: knock out this final paper and those 18 journals in the next 17 days.
Earn a good great grade in said class.
Prepare for two {2} classes this fall... math & promotional communications.
Be a sister, not a *mom* to my brothers.
be a mom to my cat(s)

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