pedicures & blogs.

I have a couple blogs I follow, one of them being Blonde Monde, and I found this on an older post of theirs. I thought it was cute and wanted to share.
Everyone can use a friday afternoon giggle.

Weekend plans: homework. sweat pants. homework. dance recital. pedicure [i am thinking hot pink toes, yes?]. homework. church. class.

missing Grand Old Day because of school. bum-mer

Mayyyybe if I didn't wait until.... 2 days before my *10 journals* are due for class, I wouldn't be so stressed about them, eh? Of course not.

oh, my other blog that I <3?
simply, ah-may-zingggg. & hilarious.

Also: Miss Alyss -  We need you back in blogging world. How about - marriage/life? You know we'll need your marriage and wifely advice.

until next time - lmz

1 comment:

Miss Alyss said...

3 things:

1)LOVE the shoe pic

2)So happy to see you sipping on some Sbux!

3)I have decided that I am going to create a new blog name. My old one is just so outdated, I shall just revamp and start anew!