The sun will come out... tomorrow....

Look out your window, my sunshine's all around. All you have to do is just surrender.
Open up your eyes, don't you know you're just wasting time?
If that's the way you want it, well there you go.

I guess I'll just never understand, how if you want something, you *won't* go after it. I've always been the kind of girl to fight for something I want, whether it was an extra hour out when I was living at home as a teenager or more work to do at work. I'm always the kind of person to try hard for things I want and for the people I love. I guess I can understand that there are people who may like someone and think they're "wonderful & beautiful" but think that pursuing them any more than they are will just be come "too intense" or will "limit them from other people". With all that said, I know what who I am talking about, I hope that he finds happiness in his life, and I hope that one day he is able to open up to others about his feelings. I hope that he can be honest with himself and others. I hope that he doesn't have regrets for not going after what he wanted. Or maybe, he didn't want it at all and was too afraid of hurting me to say it? Well.. actions do speak louder than words. Always.

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