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I have a new little set up here. I added an information page and a blogroll of my favorite blogs. I fiddled with the layout a bit. I'm excited to hopefully vamp up my personal blog and separate it from my school blog. I want to sort of figure out a direction for this blog. So, stay tuned.

As for what's new in my life...?

Brother is still crashing on the couch. Meh. It's not ideal but I love the kid, so what are ya gonna do? My friend Jacq moved into the building next door. Now I have 3 BFF's on my corner! So fun, and helps me keep sanity, for sure.

School is busy.

I was fully convinced that I was going to drop math class because I. Hate. Math. But, alas, my girlfriends in class told me to suck it up. My other class is great - promotional communications. I love it!

Dating is... non-existent.

Given the fact whenever I'm in public with my brother I'm convinced others think we're together (as evidenced by 2 neighbors asking or mentioning "your girlfriend"). Lately it's be the two-date curse. For a while it was just the one-date curse. After one date it was obvious by either party that it wasn't going to work. The last two prospects, Matt & Mr. Mechanic, have been two-daters.

Recap on Matt & Mr. Mechanic...

Matt was really cool and we had a ton of fun. Met for coffee, which turned into rollerskating at disco night and a movie and beer at his friends house. 2nd date entailed dinner at a cool local pub, walk by the river and drinks at another cool bar. I hadn't overthought things as I normally do and was not concerned about when I'd see him, what we'd do, where it was going to go, etc. I was quite proud of myself! Anyway, I ended up getting an email from him saying I was really great but he just wanted to continue with a friendship (I hadn't even questioned anything...?). He stated he thought it'd be difficult to date given the fact I didn't have a car and we lived 30 miles away (bogus). He then stated he wanted me to be his "city guide" and show him all the cool places I talked about in the city (no). As of now - this was about a month ago - I haven't heard from him. So much for wanting to be friends. Why do guys say that, anyway? That's a whole other post.

mr. mechanic, hard at work.

Mr. Mechanic is still fresh in my mind and was a set-up by my mother. My mother had been insistent to this man (hard to call him a man, he's 21!) that I was "so beautiful, smart, photogenic and great" and she'd "really like him as a son-in-law" (that's awkward). Anyway, we did the facebook exchange, he checked out OK and I was intrigued. We spend a good chunk of the day texting on Wednesday before our date. True to Leah form (instant gratification, no patience) we met up that night for a beer. We actually had really great conversation and touched subjects I've vowed never to get into on an inital meeting [politics, religion and family]. He texted afterward saying, "your a really cool person to talk to''. A) YOU'RE. not your. B) what does that mean? I decided not to analyze it and took it as a compliment. Said thanks and we'd talk soon.

He texted the next couple of days (multiple times) and called me on Friday night. We set up plans for Saturday. Another good time on Saturday night. Again, we got into some great deep conversation. We are definitely different and it was interesting to hear is view on some things. And since Saturday we've exchanged a couple texts but, nothing earth shattering, no plans for getting together again. Not a big deal to me, his loss, really (seeing as how I am so great).

So, since I've gotten over the one-daters, the two-daters... what's next?
whomp whomp, sad face.

The three daters? Well, my friends, that requires me to date. I don't quite have the time. Between work, school, trying to work out, brother(s) and trying to finish season 1 of Desperate Housewives and Mad Men, I don't have a lot of time for dating.

Oh, and another thing, as far as dating, I'm really learning a lot about my self. Mechanic man and I had COMPLETE opposite political views. Made our convos great but... in the end? Doubtful it would work.

And as my best friend Ella says, "at the end of the day, we don't love these hoes, but we always have each other" and "my relationship with you is the most satisfying and longest one I've ever been in."



Mama there's no way you'll ever lose me
Giving me away is not goodbye
As you watch me walk down to my future
I hope tears of joy are in your eyes

'Cause he is good, so good
And he treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good

He makes promises he keeps
No he's never gonna leave
So don't you worry about me
Don't you worry about me

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Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Sounds like lots going on. School is keeping me way too busy, grr.