That funny feeling.

I keep a planner and try to stay on top of it to keep track my life - work, school, appointments, bills, etc... However now it is Monday at 11am and for some reason I cannot get the idea that I told someone I would do something by lunchtime on Monday. I vividly remember saying, let me look into this on Monday morning and I'll get back to you. So I scour my desk and go through old e-mails at work to see if I sent an e-mail to someone saying I'd handle something. Nothing. Go through my text messages and personal emails. Nothing. Was I dreaming? Maybe I dreamt I said I'd do something.
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For my own sanity and job security, I *hope* that if I did in fact tell someone I'd do something, it's not for work. And that my friend would just call me up this afternoon and say, did you ever look into that? So, for documentation, I feel as though there's something I should be doing but, it's not happening.

I'm too young to be forgetful!

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