The weekend!

My roomie and me ~ Halloween 2Oo8

Last weekend was a good weekend! On Friday night, Jen and I saw "he's just not that into you", it was really cute. We went to Champp's in Woodbury for some yummy fries and seasoned sour cream and pasta! I moved one box into my new place. I am going over tonight with my [infinite amounts of] laundry and a couple more boxes!

Saturday I ran errands. I went bed shopping which, by the way, sucks. Beds are so expensive! I cannot believe it. I had a nice date on Saturday night. I went to the Bulldog, a nice beer bar in Lowertown, DT STP on Mear's Park, with my date, and we met up with my friend Tracy and Tracy's friend Matt. It was a lot of fun, until I had a tiny sip of Patron and vomited in the bathroom. Gross. I hate tequila.

Sunday was very lazy, mostly because of the fact I was extremely hungover. I cured it with a lunch date at the Wild Onion for build your own bloody mary! So fun! =] I did homework the rest of the day and laid pretty low!

Back to work..blahh!!


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Meagan Linn said...

sound fun. and a date?!? i wanna see "he's just not that into you" or "confessions of a shopaholic". i'm in a girly movie mood! are you liking your new place?? or are you even moved in yet?