Sorry, I have been M.I.A. from my blog lately. The only person that reads is Jacquie, and I feel like I should just call her and give her the juicy details of my life ;)

I do see that a couple of my good friends from Forest Lake [Alyssa & Meagan] are signing up for a blogspot. I would be curious to read their blogs and see what they're blogging about.

Soooo....to get caught up from 12/08 to now:

  • David and I broke up, for good. Totally over. That was January 12th. I have spoken to him once. At first I was sad. I was distrought and confused. Now, I am better. I am hurt. But, everything happens for a reason. I lived, and I learned.
  • I am moving to Woodbury next week...moving in with my friend Jen, in a townhouse, and I am super excited. I am moving on the 13th of February. [fun fact! I have lived in four places in 12 months: w/crazy Sarah, David's, Grandma's & my grand ave place! Apparently I love to move. Not really. I just have major commitment problems. I have also been a member at 4 gyms in 12 months. YMCA downtown, YWCA on the Hill, Bally's and now Lifetime. Again with the commitment. I know how to work contracts, I guess!]
  • I am pretty busy with school this semester as I'm taking three classes. I am doing two online classes-Intro to Theatre and Project Management, and one night class, Composition 1. I HATE Comp 1. Why is the english language so hard? Why is this my 3rd time taking this class?! AhhH!!
  • I am *sort of* "dating" someone right now....taking it slow and keeping it on the DL because I am not sure a) what I'm ready for, b) how long it will last c)don't want to get my hopes up and get dumped on the ground, BUT I will say, he's great :) I guess I am not sure if we're "dating" but we have our 3rd date this weekend.
  • Work is good. Same old, same old..I guess I am glad that given this "economy" that I have a safe and secure, good paying job.
  • I found a new love: coffee. Specifically lite white berry with a shot of raspberry...it is a very expensive drug habit. But I love it. Oh and my blackberry. Obsessed. Greatest thing EVER invented.

That is really it......I will try to blog more but I jsut have nothing exciting to write about!!

Waiting for spring!!!


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