For Alyssa and Meggers!!!!!

A photo can say a thousand things
But it cant say the million things i wanna say
A photo can capture the way we were
But it cant capture the way we are
Cause you're far away
When you told me that you loved me
Were those just words?
You cant tell me you dont need me
And i know that hurts
Cause im looking at your picture
Cause its all i've got
Maybe one day you and me will have
One more shot
RYAN. He's KING of the PUNS! Hahah :)
PS This was hands down THE best day of MY LIFE (June 2008)
PPS: I feel 40 kinds of sadness when you're gone.
I feel the same thing always happens when you're gone
And I know you're just around the corner
But just around the corner is not enough
It's not enough


Miss Alyss said...

That RYAN!!!! He is so smart. And sexy. And wonderful. And yes, that was the best night EVER!!!!!!

We need to go see him again. Like now.

I also feel 40 kinds of sadness when you're gone....

We'll chill for sure over spring break! Oh, and I can't figure out how to become an official follower of your blog..I wanna!!!

Meagan Linn said...

ryan is amazing!! i love him so much. and you! and i'm trying to follow your blog but i can't find the link :(..but i'll keep searching. and we NEED to see him. he NEEDS to come back this summer. and we WILL pay to see him. we will!

I want to be your last first kiss said...