We all love cats, a lot, but....

St. Anthony, MN - Animal Humane Society officials have rescued 118 cats from a St. Anthony mobile home where the smell was so bad they had to call in the fire department to ventilate the home.
Armed with nets and wearing protective masks, a rescue crew worked for nearly two hours to gather up the cats Tuesday. Police were called after someone complained about the smell.
Police Chief John Ohl says the couple who lived there are nice people but had issues with hoarding.
Animal control officers say they removed 72 cats from the couple's previous home in Coon Rapids in 2002.


118 cats!!! Can you imagine??!! My gosh!! Jen and I are very excited to get a couple cats - two at the most! Poor kitties =[ We thought about going to the shelter and rescuing them. Maybe if we all pitch in we could find a home for all of them? What do we think? Yes? Aww... Hopefully they don't kill the poor kitties! It's not their fault! How do you even GET that many cats? 118. Wow. How do you FEED that many cats....I just can't get over it. Oh, Coon Rapids. You never cease to fail me!



Miss Alyss said...


Wow. That is an absurd number of cats. Just the 3 at my parent's house keep us busy. Plus, they're all nuts!!!

Meagan Linn said...

wow is right. that is a lot of cats! i would devote my life to helping cats!! if i could! but i cannot imagine that...think of the non-stop meowing! ha!!