It seems as though things are going pretty well for me these days...well the past few days. Well, actually, on side they're going well, on the other, not so much. Let me explain...

David and I are doing really great. He really actually appreciates me being around. I went over Monday after class and he made me dinner, which was so sweet. And the same thing last night! A gourmet dinner last night! Steak and potatoes with carmelized onions-and a really good au jus sauce. I am happy that we're happy. I can't believe it's coming up on 14 months of being together. That's huge for me.

The most exciting thing to happen to me this week would have to be my 6 month performace appraisil at work....I recieved a "successful" rating, which is awesome, and it came with some nice benefits :). At 6 months, associates are expected to considered "developing" but I surpassed that by having an awesome work ethic, doing more than my assigned work and constantly staying busy, among other things. That was very exciting! I am working my way up.

Well...should get back to work :)


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