A revelation! I was talking with my boss today about college...and what I am going to do after I am done at St Paul College (coming up really quick-two semesters left!)..Well, I was originally going to go to Metro State and major in Professional Communcations with a concentration in Organizational Communcation, and minor in Advertising...Well, looking at it, Metro is really cheap...and it's a good school, and it's close, but I'll be in school until like 2012 or 2013....it seems like a long time, and maybe I just want instant gratification..but seriously? 6 more years of school? I don't know...granted I will have very few student loans and will probably have an awesome resume and get a KILLER job...I don't know...So my boss brought up Concordia in St Paul..and I was like, mehh...private schools...no. But then I checked out the website....they don't have communcations as a program for the "adult learning programs"...but they do have "Innovation and Marketing Management" as well as "Organizational Leadership and Management" that would interest me and be beneficial in my career path....The program is 18 months, and the classes are about 5-6 weeks long, going all year..ah!! But, my boss, is married and has 5 kids, and she did it. I wonder if it'd work for me? Hmm...I won't be applying until mid to late summer...The application process is different than normal-you submit a resume, and two letters of "professional" recommendation. I like that. $400/credit though...Ah...well, Securian does refund up to $5K of expenses assuming I do well..Life is exciting. I really wanted to do Communcations, I love communcations, and talking, and writing. It's like, the perfect major....I kind of like the leadership one, maybe I could pick up a minor in Comm?? OH OH!! They also have both the programs I like online...I LOVE online classes...I HATE sitting in class...I guess $400/credit isn't bad compared to St. Kate's *$750-800/credit*...but compared to Metro, which is about $180-$200/credit...Would a degree from Concordia be more transferrable than Metro? If I move to Boston, or Sacramento, or Phoenix, or South Carolina, would I get a good job? Metro State is more of a well known local school...is Concordia well known all over? That's the tough thing. I know I want to move away, I know I do. I want to graduate, stay at Securian for a year (so I don't have to pay back the tuition reimbursement) and then find a job out of state and move away for a while.



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