Let's take a break...

Let's take a break from dating, and overanalyzing my life and it's every. single. detail. to relish in some things...

It's Fall in the Twin Cities. My favorite time of the year. Soon the leaves will change; Summit Avenue will be lined with huge trees, the leaves turning yellow, orange and brown; they'll fall the ground and I will go out of my way to step on the extra crunchy looking one.

I love crunchy leaves!

Twin Cities Marathon is coming up. It's a few blocks (two to be exact) away from my apartment. I love the TC Marathon, I love watching and cheering everyone on. I always become inspired to become a runner after. So maybe this will be my extra boost... :)

With the Fall arriving, it's time for the apple orchard. Oh my gosh! I am so excited.

Ella & I made a road trip down to Mankato over the weekend. We actually had a blast together, as we always do. We have friends that are still down there for school at MNSU. We're going again on October 9th for the 2010 Homecoming Football game!

My classes have started. I actually have my first session of math {insert vomit here} tonight... I'll be OK though, I know I will!

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Jackie said...

I love fall!
and math! <--Nerd