Really, Mother Nature?

April 1st. Snow. Really? I just want to see the sunshine, and wear sunglasses while driving with the window open. Is that *so* much to ask for? Arrrghhh. It's been a long and cold, cold winter. Ready for the Spring. ASAP. Then Summer. Then Fall! Ahh, Fall!!!!

My new kitty is so silly and crazy. Last night, he destroyed 3 rolls of toilet paper. He has seperation anxiety. His sistercat was in the bathroom with Jen (she likes to look at herself in the mirror [the cat, not my roomie]) and I was at the gym. Luckily, Jen cleaned it up but she said they were shredded in the downstairs bathroom! Ohhh, little jack. So silly. Also, he is not a graceful cat. Guess he gets that from me. You know how when you're holding a cat in your arms and they want to jump down? Well, on many occasions, he will jump down [he's not too cuddly. and he's very emotional.] and not land on his feet. In fact, I don't think that he's ever landed on his feet. He lands on his side. Ohhh Jack, what are we are going to do with you?

Oh last night I worked out and it was very intense! I was there for an hour and a half! I drove allllll the way to lifetime and forgot my headphones for my ipod. WEll, I cannot workout with music, how boring! I love to rock out to a little K clarkson and mr ryan cabrera... So I went back home, got those, went all the way back and it was worth it. There are also very cute boys that I enjoy watching work out. Boys. Oh boys! :)


PS didn't make it far without facebook. one week + one day. Oh well. I was bored at home and myspace sorta sucks, so I logged back in. I have no self control. Facebook is good. :)

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