I saw blue shirt boy today in the caf.

I think we're meant to be because I got switched to later lunch, 12:30 now, and today, on my way over there I was thinking to myself that I probably wouldn't be seeing him anymore because I normally saw him around 12 or 12:15. So I walked into the caf, and BAM, there he was. I thought it was a sign. So I followed him around, to try and figure out what he was getting for lunch, and I ended up in the hot salad line, while he was at the grill line. So while I was staring at him my friend Annette that I haven't seen a while popped out of nowhere! We were chatting and I lost track of him. Then I explained to her that he's my secert love and that I had to watch him so, like any good friend, she watched him with me!

Nothing exciting, although, he did smile at me. Yayy! :) hehehe.

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Miss Alyss said...

That is a good friend!! They must always be willing to stalk with you : )