Too bad, the closest place to us is Chicago... May 3rd.. Oh, that's less than a month away + it's on a Sunday night. [road trip?] WHY RYAN? WHY? I am going to send them an email and say, double you, tee, eff? Sad face. =(
My heart breaks a little everytime I see him, because I love hiM!! Love love lvelevoevpeoveoljakljdlfkajsflksdajf.


"Cause I'm looking at your picture
Cause it's all I've got
Maybe one day you and me will have
One more shot"


Meagan Linn said...

i just like be annoying and commenting on every single one of your blogs, ha. but i'm glad your heart breaks when you see ryan, too. because mine does and i seriously LOVE him soo much and i am just glad you totally understand that feeling. and too bad he's not in chicago in june because i would totally road trip it. dangyouryan's tourpeople!!

Miss Alyss said...

ahhhhhh, so close!!! We'll probably just have to stalk him asap....even when he's not on tour. Totally ok, because we LOVELOVELOVE him. We do! With all our hearts!!!

Leah said...

hehe meggers I love when you comment on my blogs it's the whole reason I'm here!!!