and I'm back.. on facebook!! OK I am done deactivating and reactivating!!!

Oh so I went to Britney Spears on friday night and hmmm. she's amazing!!

Umm, I started my new job today. Same department, same supervisor, just got a promotion, new job responsibilites..yay!

I didn't see Blue Shirt Boy in the caf today. I did see another very cute man, but he was married. Bummer.

Well since I'm on my lunch break, I should get back to eating and then working! The morning has flown by. :)



Meagan Linn said...

i'm glad you're back for good. i hate married babes!!! and i want to see britney!! and ashlee simpson. and basically all those girls i pretend i don't like but really i love! haha.

Miss Alyss said...

I have always wanted to see B-dogg in concert!!!! She's our girl! I wanna go next time!