I'll probably die alone.
with my cats.
and career accomplishments.

My nights will be spent working late, going to networking events, then going home to my cat(s). (the most I'll have is two).

I'll try to date, but it will fizzle out.
So I've accepted the fact I'll be alone, forever.

Think of all the vacations I can take, without considering anyone else's opinions.


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I am holding out a big 'W' with my hands (to mean 'whatever'). A year from now you will look back at this post and think 'what was I thinking'?! OR you could think that since women live longer than men, then this is probably true. Just saying ;)

Barkeep said...

I have gone to Vegas by myself more than once.

Anonymous said...

nothing to blog about these days?