10 biggest turn-offs for women...

According to The Campus Socialite, these are the 10 biggest turn-offs for women. I'd have to say, *in general* I agree and I know that my future husband will be a great mix of... uh.. not?.. these things? Yes.  

  1. Guys who are too serious  
  2. Guys who are too into themselves  
  3. Cheapness 
  4. Insecurity  
  5. Bad Grammar/Spelling  
  6. Back Hair  
  7. Clingy Guys  
  8. Bad Breath  
  9. Cigarette Smoking  
  10. Bad Kissers
I would say, based on the above list, my BIGGEST is #5, bad grammar. I'm no grammer queen BUT let's figure out you're/your, there/their/they're... And also cheapness. If I am on a date with you I don't want to would rather not hear about how paying $4 for a cup of coffee is ridiculous.

just another day in the dating world... =)




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