Well it's been over a month - almost 2 months - since I've posted. I drew a litte inspiration off Meggie's blog. She's such a good writer. So, some news:

On the break up front, I'm over that whole thing! I truly believe that *everything happens for a reason* & that at that point I could not see it and was devastated, but now, I am happy. I am fine. I am excited for this new thing, singlehood, which will prepare me for MNBF, as I like to call him... [my next boyfriend]. I think it's clever. Anyway, I have been told that I need to not have this "list" of things I will or won't have in someone I date, but I think, it's okay to not want to date a felon (more on that later) or to not date someone that wears white socks with work clothes... or to make sure the next person I date not only has standards but dreams and desires. I won't settle. & I think that is perfectly OK. But I also learned something from that relationship, as I realize, I learn from every human interaction in my life. I also learned that I'm not totally over my real, true love.. David. I miss him a lot. Especially in the Fall, as we spent the past 3 Falls together... I have changed and grown soo much since we've been apart and I *wish* we could be together.... BUT. We're not. So.... on I go.... living, and learning...

In other news: MY BFF Alyssa got engaged! I am *so* happy for her - and honored! I get to be a bridesmaid! Alyssa and I have been friends since 7th grade. That is SO long! That means I've known Meggers since she was in 5th grade. I remember her - basketball playing, cat loving, Meagan! Anyway, I am so so so SO excited, I have never been a bridesmaid before! We already picked our dresses and they are to die for. SO cute. I love them. Alyssa's ring and dress are beautiful. I am confident that the wedding will be great and her and Mike will have a wonderful, happy married life together. <3>

School is going well. Granted, I have one class.... I like the weekend college format and I love St. Kate's, a lot. Someday when I get married [to MNBF ;)] it will be at St. Kate's. Or the Cathedral. I don't know which one just yet :) I just know that whenever it happens, it'll be perfect. Maybe 2 years, maybe 10. Who knows! There is a plan for me, so we shall see.

Work is good. We have been CRAZY busy at Securian.... and I like that, but I hate feeling so behind all the time and never getting anything done... Sometimes I wish that I could just do school, and not have to work.. but then I snap out of it. I am sort of feeling that way today.... thinking life would be easier if I didn't work 40 + hours a week, if I could just have classes and study and do homework.. but then I remember that I have to have a job in order to pay my rent! And I think, well I'll just move to Grandma's! then I think... no... I like my apartment and my independence... so... I just stay content!

Mr. Jack is so naughty. Jack is my cat, btw. He's such a little twerp and always getting into something. The other night, I was moving my bed around and he decided to help... He's so bad but so stinkin' cute, I can't resist him!

Mmkay. Ella's coming down for lunch. Chicken Strips & Mashed Potatoes. A highlight in the caf at Securian (like Italian Dunkers in school).
//i ain't settlin, or just getting by, i've had enough so-so for the rest of my life, tired of shooting too low, so raise the bar high, cause love ain't enough this time. i ain't settling, for anything less than everything...\\

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