What do you do...

...when you're an over analyzer? I over analyze. I pick apart words that are said and drive myself crazy trying to figure out what someone means when they're saying something. Is this rooted in the fact that I've been burned, jaded and hurt? so what are the things I am analyzing? my brain is constantly going 100 miles per minute (or so it seems). I wonder if this guy I had two dates with really wants to have a 3rd date like he says. I wonder if people are using me and have ill intentions.

something else I've noticed about myself, and this has been confirmed in the past. In fact a certain someone broke up with me because of (one of the many reasons) my "need for affirmation" #lame So, I know that I need compliments, I need affirmation from the person I am dating. Should I seek this out elsewhere so it doesn't need to be fulfilled by someone I'm dating?

Is it wrong to seek out affirmation? I don't think I actually SEEK it out. I am generally confident and happy. But, something I ask for in the person I'm dating is that they let me know, with words or actions, that they're into me. Is it too much?


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