Meet Me in Saint Louis

I took a road trip this weekend to Saint Louis with Ella, Taweh and Jerrell. It was fun!! We stayed in a hotel about 20 mins outside of downtown Saint Louis. We left St Paul around 6pm on Friday, arrvied in Saint Louis at 5am (I KNOW!) on Saturday. We slept til about 10am, had breakfast, got ready, went downtown and spent a while at the Arch. We had lunch downtown in the 'older' district at Show Me's (basically Hooters). We bummed around a little bit, went to Walgreen's where we told by a police officer to get out of that neighborhood since it wasn't 'the best'. We went back to the hotel, enjoyed the free drinks @ the bar and played pool. The original plan was to go back downtown and go the bar or club, but after realizing a) no one wanted be sober cab and b) the cab would be $35 each way (about $20/person, total) we decided to lay low at the hotel and watch movies and go to bed early, as we had a long drive in front of us the next day. We left Saint Louis around 9am and arrived back in Saint Paul around 7:30, including 2 stops for food, one stop in Mankato to bring Jerrell home, stop in Saint Peter so Ella could get her school books, and then to Saint Paul. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!

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