OK SO Big news! Moving out on October 1st! Although I am very excited, I have many other emotions going on as well! Well first let me explain: I found an ad for the top level of a house for rent. I went and checked it out, and it's really nice. It's on Grand Avenue, near downtown, but also close to Dale St, so close to the good parts of Grand (aka the bars). The house is beautiful! I have the 3rd level which includes my own bathroom, a bedroom and a big living area. I have a shared kitchen, which is a really nice kitchen. The woman who lives there is nice, and it's just her, her daughters are there every other week. So it is a good step before next summer when I'll hopefully move into my *own* place. I think I'm feeling nervous about whole finances thing. I know I can it, that's not my concern, it's just that I've never really had such a big bill before!! I know I'll be OK, like I said, I am probably just freaking out and over analyzing! *sigh*

Happy hour in an hour for work! Wahooo! I love being 21! =)

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